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I’m So Angry

Another version of the quote I like is – ‘Anger is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die’.

So the next questions are, what can we do about it? Where is the anger coming from? And, are you angry or are you an angry person?

These are the areas we would explore if you booked a session with me to explore your anger issues. You see I don’t believe (epigenetics aside) that people are born angry, most people and this is only in my humble opinion learn to be angry. Now I’m not saying terrible stuff won’t have happened to an angry person but they might have learned how to deal with or react to it in a certain way. These can be examined and ways of modifying behaviour can be advised and coached to the client.

Another quote I like concerning angry is – ‘Anger arises when other people break your rules’.

Question. Do they know your rules? Are they laws or just rules you’ve made up in your head? Do they even know you? In which case how the hell are they meant to know your rules?

Worth thinking about isn’t it?

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