What is Metaphors of Movement (MoM)?
Metaphors of Movement is the study of the symbolism and structure of autogenic
metaphor and their influence upon reasoning processes. Autogenic metaphors are the
metaphors that naturally arise in the language and communication of individuals that may,
or may not be shared by other people. Metaphors of Movement primarily concerns itself
with metaphors that indicate movement, or lack thereof, and so has its greatest application
in the remedy of “stuck states.”

A stuck state is a common problem presented to psychotherapy and involves a lack of
ability in one or more of four main areas.

  • The direction in which the person is moving in life (“Where am I going?”)
  • The distance they are travelling (“I’ve got such a long way to go!”)
  • The mode of travel (“What steps do I need to take?”)
  • The rate of travel (“Am I making much progress?”)

Metaphors of Movement isn’t goal or solution focussed it is instead, a diagnostic tool to allow the client to express where they are at this moment in time in their life and to explore how they can change their behaviours to get out of their ‘stuck state’. We investigate ‘how did I learn to be this way’ and what can I do to move on.