Welcome to Rob Brennan Therapy

I know there are a lot of alphabetti spaghetti techniques here – NLP. EFT, IEMT and so on but the bottom line is I’m a change worker. I effect positive changes in people’s lives. I make the bad things less bad, teach you useful tools and techniques to use everyday and help you build a better future for yourself .

So if you are ready for change, contact me through the Contact Page and let’s get going.

Doing a therapy session with Rob is always comfortable, and never patronising. He immediately puts you at ease from the beginning of the session. He uses a variety of techniques according to what he feels is appropriate to your needs. He’s very articulate and observant about my own emotions which is incredibly helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend family and Friends to his care. In fact I have with great success. 

L.S. Warwickshire

Dear Bob, I want to thank you for helping me put my life back on track.

I went to see Bob when my life was in a crisis. I had many emotional issues from my past, I was a pessimist, I was withdrawn into myself and I was at a crossroads in life and did not know what road to take.

I found Bob to be very gentle, compassionate, nonjudgmental and easy to talk to. Bob introduced me to EFT and taught me how to apply it in my life, and I have found the results to be astounding. I have great emotional freedom since I began using EFT and I now feel like a recharged person.

With the use of NLP/Time-line Training I now have a focus in my life and I have a dream to catch.

I cannot thank Bob enough for giving me what I call a second chance in life, thank you Bob.

T. O’S – Clonakilty, Ireland