Welcome to Rob Brennan Therapy

I know there are a lot of alphabetti spaghetti techniques here – NLP. EFT, IEMT and so on but the bottom line is I’m a change worker. I effect positive changes in people’s lives. I make the bad things less bad, teach you useful tools and techniques to use everyday and help you build a better future for yourself .

So if you are ready for change, contact me through the Contact Page and let’s get going.

About 18 months ago, I had an EFT session with Robert. In all honesty, I didn’t think it had much chance of working.

I’ve had a very strong phobia of Butterflies for over 35 years. After an hour or so of tapping and chatting, I felt good, but not really much different.

Then something weird happened. I was out in the garden when a butterfly flew past and I thought “ah, pretty”. I cannot explain how bizarre this thought was to me as my usual reaction would have been to freeze with fear, like a bunny in the headlights, but instead I felt relaxed and calm.

An hour of EFT had changed something I really thought was hardwired into me. So it turns out EFT works – whether you believe it or not!

I’ve been so impressed with the change Robert effected within me it has inspired me to learn more and I’ve since read lots on the subject and will soon be embarking on a course to become a hypnotherapist, so that I can hopefully use the power of EFT to help others – Believers and skeptics alike!

S.G – Coventry

Dear Bob, I want to thank you for helping me put my life back on track.

I went to see Bob when my life was in a crisis. I had many emotional issues from my past, I was a pessimist, I was withdrawn into myself and I was at a crossroads in life and did not know what road to take.

I found Bob to be very gentle, compassionate, nonjudgmental and easy to talk to. Bob introduced me to EFT and taught me how to apply it in my life, and I have found the results to be astounding. I have great emotional freedom since I began using EFT and I now feel like a recharged person.

With the use of NLP/Time-line Training I now have a focus in my life and I have a dream to catch.

I cannot thank Bob enough for giving me what I call a second chance in life, thank you Bob.

T. O’S – Clonakilty, Ireland