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Talking to yourself in the 3rd Person

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This is an interesting article. Pronouns are very much to the fore in the identity protocols in IEMT and their useage by the client gives us practitioners a window in to the clients’ world and to their behaviours which could be holding them back. Deliberately changing one’s own useage of pronouns during self-talk is an interesting concept.

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To give it more context if I wanted to get a bit of clarity or distance over a situation I was in but let’s say I’m berating my self over an action I’d taken, I might be running an internal dialogue along the lines ‘Oh shit, I wish I hadn’t done that or jeez why did I do that? I wish I hadn’t said that, now what will happen?’ By being in first person you are living in the incident, there is no distance or detachment.

Now, if I start talking to myself as Robert things may shift. I talk to myself as I would a friend or confidante. ‘Come on Robert, why did you say that?’ or ‘Come on Bob that’s not really what you meant is it?’ – this is what is being proposed in the article. Now, I haven’t got a clue at the moment if this is effective or not but armed with this little bit of knowledge it’s certainly worth a try, isn’t it Rob?

It certainly is.