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Want Big Results? Maybe You Need To Start Small

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I can to relate this. In the article below the author holds her hand up and admits even though she coaches this stuff she struggled herself with motivation. The key as it turns out is the willingness to accept we’re bad at something. Too often we expect to start something and expect to be knocking out of the park on day 1. And when you think about it, that’s ridiculous so why do we do that? Actually that doesn’t matter as much as just doing a little at a time – but consistently.

At the ripe old age of 65 I’ve been learning the piano (well I started a few years ago now but still in my 60s) learning mainly from online videos but I’ve hit a plateau. Why? Well on reading this article it’s all down to consistency of practice. (Sounds obvious I know but hey we’re all human!) At the moment I tend to leave it a few days then blitz it for a mega session then leave it until I feel like it again. The article from Christine Carter would put lie to that.

Which got me thinking. like her I know this stuff. In NLP terms this is all about chunking down. You take the large task at hand and break it down in to small, easily do-able packages of tasks, exercises, time or whatever your larger goal would dictate.

So for me that would mean, for instance, consistently putting aside a certain period of time, at the same time each day, to sit at the keys and get on with it. Habit forming in other words.

So what is your goal? How could you chunk it down so that it doesn’t impinge on your life so much but it’s something that you could do consistently to build in that habit muscle so that your direction is fixed and your target attainable?

There’s nothing wrong with a big goal – just make sure the steps towards it are achievable and habit forming. Then the magic will happen.

I will crack hand independence!

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