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There Doesn’t Have To Be Anything ‘Wrong’ With You…

…for you to seek the help of a therapist or a life coach.

There is still a lot of stigma around mental health and wellbeing and certainly here in the UK people don’t readily seek help from or even have a therapist. I wonder if it’s a legacy, especially amongst men, of the old imperial ‘stiff upper lip, it’s not British’ attitude. We don’t do emotions well in these sceptred isles.

But you see you don’t have to be having a mental health crisis to see a therapist or coach, quite often people might just feel as though there’s something holding them back from having a better life or they might want to let go of the burden of a past event so they can move on. It could be that they seek clarity over an issue or are seeking behavioural change.

They could learn new techniques to help them cope more readily with tough situations or it may even be overcoming a phobia which is getting in the way of enjoying life. Imagine being able to fly abroad for the first time with the family because you’ve overcome a flight phobia, fantastic, but not really a mental health issue per se.

You could be seeking to work through a traumatic event in your life or looking to develop your own personal growth. So as you can see there are a myriad of reasons to work with a coach or therapist, it doesn’t mean there is anything ‘wrong’ with you it just means you are human like the rest of us but have at least made the first step to seeking to enjoy being you to the full.