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The ‘Yeh-Buts’ and ‘What-Ifs’

Yeh but if only it wasn’t raining? Me – ‘It is’

What if I go out and I get soaked. Me – ‘Take an umbrella’

It always rain when I want to go out. Me – ‘Always? Every single time?’

BUT It’s raining! Me – ‘So deal with it!’

Do you run programs like these? Looking for every negative in the situation? Or maybe you look for every excuse not to do it?

In IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Techniques) one of the linguistic patterns we are trained to listen for is the ‘What If’ pattern – this is a great indicator of someone who is stuck in a loop and can’t find the way out. (NLPers will note this is like a never ending TOTE pattern but without the E.)

Bringing this to the client’s conscious awareness allows us to work together on resolving this behavioural pattern thus allowing the client to move in life. The exploration could include investigating what benefits the client in holding on to the pattern. What will happen if they change the behaviour, who will it effect and so forth. It can be interesting what keeps us stuck in our behavioural patterns and how often we dearly hold on to them at the cost of not, well, not even just getting on with our lives.

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