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Resilience – The Art Of ‘Bouncebackability’

Back in the early noughties a football manager here in the UK coined the phrase ‘bouncebackability’ in reference to his team’s ability to ‘bounce back’ from adversity. I can’t remember if he was praising said ability or looking for that characteristic in his players, either way the term soon stuck in the UK football world with the Saturday morning football show SoccerAM picking up on the term with glee and using it at every opportunity with the aim of getting it accepted by the Oxford English Dictionary. The rascals!

But in some respects resilience has an element of ‘bouncebackability’ in as much as your ability to bounce back from a given event or scenario to an even keel again. However if you suffer from stress, anxieties or panic attacks this is a lot easier said than done because when we are in these conditions we naturally go in to fight or fight mode, our survival instincts, even if not actually needed at the time, kick in.

What would be useful is to learn some self-applied tools as well as some coached exercises to provide you with some calmness and clarity to any given situation, thus allowing you to look at the current situation you are in more dispationately.

Just teaching yourself to do this, giving yourself enough time to take stock will allow the fight or flight response and the associated chemical flood in your body to calm down.

The strategies I can help you with are :

  • Coping strategies and skills
  • Decatastrophizing skills – how to overcome the incessant ‘what if’ programmes
  • Building in healthy resilience behaviours and planning
  • Creating a growth mindset

With the current sh*tstorm we are living in globally and the double anxiety we have in the UK of the looming Brexit agreement or lack thereof, a lot of us, me included, are suffering unprecendented levels of stress and anxiety. I am so grateful for the courses and training I’ve taken over the last decade or so. These skills allow me to deal with these times a lot more readily than I would have otherwise.

If you’d like to learn more of what I can do to help you, or if you run a company or team, how I can help your colleagues and employees, do please get in touch because thanks to the wonders of modern technology I can now offer these skills remotely.

Check out my training and courses page and then if you require more information go to my contact page and please get in touch.