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Great Feedback From A New Client

I did an EFT session with a new client this week she had been referred from a career coach friend who felt there were emotional issues getting in the way so I said I’d have a chat with the client.

So firstly I showed her the EFT process and she was happy to delve deeper in to her ‘stuff’.

I sent her a quick thank you email for her payment and asked in passing how things were, I love her reply –

‘The session was so helpful. I was absolutely exhausted afterwards. I slept on and off for the rest of the afternoon/evening. It felt like a huge release…
…I’ve recommended you (and the practise) to my sister, I think people with anxiety would find this really helpful and I’ll recommend you to others. People are often so reluctant to try types of therapy such as this and my thinking is you really don’t know if it’ll work unless you try.’

So great to get such positive feedback after one session. I love this process!