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Using EFT To Get To Sleep

Here’s an interesting use for EFT and one which, on occasion, I use myself when my mind is buzzing about all sorts of things and, as in the article highlighted I use the mental imagining of tapping the EFT points so that I don’t disturb ‘the boss’ next to me!

The main article is by Dr. Pat Carrington, the developer of the Choices Method in EFT which I find to be one of the most powerful applications of EFT where there is resistance to the Set Up phrase. By making it a choice rather than a command the subconscious mind tends to be more accepting.

If EFT is totally new to you and you’ve no idea how to use it or apply it then naturally I’m at your service for an introductory session. Just get in touch via the Contact Page to book an online session. EFT works so well over the web so why not give it a try?

EFT Article On Sleep here